About Us

After direct mail ideas? Create-This specialise in the design and production of creative direct mail, as well as producing standard pop up mailers we produce bespoke direct mail items to your requirements. Want a bespoke pop up mailer, quick turnround, no minimum order quantity or minimum order value then Create-this are the pop up mailer company for you.

Our cardboard engineered products range from simple self make products to complex pop-up direct mail items. With over 30 years combined experience in the cardboard engineering and print industry we have the skills and passion to solve unusual designs and timelines.
We have a large library of existing designs which can be easily adapted to your requirements or our designers can produce innovative bespoke designs.
We will design, print, produce and even mail your item.

Our office is situated in the South East putting us within easy reach of central London. Our sales staff cover the whole of the UK and will happily visit you to discuss your requirements and present our solutions.

For alternative mailing solutions please look at www.create-this.co.uk and for creative packaging solutions www.packagingandpos.com Need some help? Call 08456 800398 (lo-call rate).

What is a pop up mailer

A pop up mailer is a direct mail item which is mailed flat and when you open the envelope the item automatically pop’s up, it is powered by an elastic band. A pop up mailer can stand alone or be affixed inside a cover. You may decide that instead of putting your pop up creative direct mail item inside a cover you want to mail it in an outer and put an additional text sheet in the envelope.

Our website shows a selection of standard pop up mailers – including pop up cubes, poppers, pop up triangles etc – we can also design bespoke interesting direct mail solutions for you.

A pop up direct mail item has many advantages. You get immediate impact when the recipient opens the mailer, then the extra selling power when they show the pop up to all of their colleagues and friends. They can be used to portray a wide variety of messages – adding a calendar and/or pen holes can ensure it is kept on the recipient’s desk all year.

We have standard sizes of pop up’s for cost effective production. However all pop ups can be produced in a variety of sizes, for example we have produced pop up cubes from 50mm square up to 300mm square. We can produce pop up cubes, pop up triangles, pop up lorries, pop up house’s, pop up calendars, pop up desk tidies………………..the list is endless!

Pop ups can be manufactured on a variety of different materials – these will be restricted due to the technical aspects of the design but we can use environmentally friendly boards like fully recycled white lined grey back chipboard, kraft board, FSC approved materials, etc. Just let us know your requirements and we will do our best to meet them.

Pop up or Self Riser? – that’s up to you. They are both a fantastic way of ensuring your message is received and retained by the recipient. Please let us know your requirements and we will help advise you on the ideal solution.

Pop up Cards/Self rise cards

The other main type of direct mail item is a pop up card, this term is a bit misleading as a pop up card doesn’t involve any elastic bands, the card rise’s (pops up) because of how it is affixed to the 4pp card it is in. This is a creative direct mail piece which can be mailed flat and depending on the design can be mailed at a standard letter rate. When you open up the direct mailer an image rises up – there is no elastic band involved. A pop up card is a very flexible way of creating an impact with your promotional mail piece. They are only limited by the extent of your imagination.

A pop up card gives you the possibility to create impact in your mailer with a wide variety of messages and shapes. Although they will always cost more than a simple 2pp/4pp piece of direct mail they are a very cost effective way of getting your message across. The recipient will open the mailer and will show their colleagues and friends.

Pop up cards can be simple through to complex, it depends on the image or message that you wish to get across ,they can be designed to be mailed in the normal letter specification which will help reduce mailing costs. Most of the pop up cards we produce can be personalised and some can even be sent as self mail pieces without the need of an envelope so further saving on cost.

We have produced pop up sofa’s, pop up cubes ( no elastic band) , pop up tents, pop up interiors of buildings, pop up calendars, pop up pyramids ……………..the list is endless!

Pop up cards can be manufactured on a variety of different materials, due to the nature of construction the materials that are available for you to use are more flexible – GF smith materials, coated, uncoated –the more expensive the material and more complex the assembly the more the pop up card will cost. Just let us know your requirements and we will do our best to meet them.

Pop up card or Pop up direct mail piece? – that is up to you, they are both a fantastic way of ensuring your message is received and retained by the recipient. Please let us know your requirements and we will help advise you on the ideal solution.