5 Reasons E-commerce Managers should be using direct mail to generate sales

1- Unsubscribe email list

Everyone has a email unsubscribe list, it’s likely that these people are not fond of email campaigns, but they could still be great customers. Why not create a direct mail campaign to target this list specifically and warm them up for a sale.

2- Mix it up

Ok, your customers are enjoying your email campaigns, but why not mix it up and delight them with a innovative direct mail piece.

3- Social media interaction

It’s great to link up your marketing channels. How about a self make mailer that encourages your target to make the item and post a picture on Twitter or Facebook to win a prize. You might even gain some extra social followers along the way.

4- Extend your brand worth

Digital media can communicate your brand’s style, but print offers extra dimensions. The texture of the paper, special finishes like foil, lamination and varnishes, or special print processes, these all communicate more meaning behind your brand and can create customer buy in.

5- Reach those customers that can’t get digital communication

If you are targeting B2B customers, some of these people might not have access to the internet at work and the graphics from their emails might be stripped out, making digital campaigns less effective.

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