What is Direct Mail ?

What is Direct Mail ?

Direct mail is advertising literature that is sent in the post to a mailing list.

How effective is direct mail?

According to the DMA ( Direct Mail Association) 56% of people believe that printed marketing is the most trust worthy form of communication, 66% of consumers keep their mail for over 2 weeks, average response rates are 4% and overall 7% of receivers will take some sort of action.

How to make direct mail more interactive

Pop Ups

Create an amusing element of surprise with direct mail that pop-up when opened through clever cardboard engineering. Pop ups come in lots of shapes, a pop up cube, a house, a juice carton, a van or even a bespoke design. http://directmailideas.co.uk/pages/products/pop-up-mailers/

Changing Picture Mailers

Create a before and after effect or deliver a message in two phases with these mailers. The colourwise changes from black and white to colour, the dissolver changes has card slats that reveal a new message. These direct mail pieces are often used to communicate change or a move, or just simply provide more interaction. http://directmailideas.co.uk/pages/products/changing-picture-mailers/

Expanding Mailers

Expanding mailers extend to reveal more marketing messages on arrival. Moving with a manual pull or auto extend upon opening. Expanding maps are delivered in a compact size and then open up to communicate creatively. http://www.directmailideas.co.uk/pages/products/expanding-mailers/

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