30 window advent calendar

30 window advent calendar

This is a 30 window advent calendar, we can make it have any number of windows from 24 to 30 by slightly altering the cutting forme, it is still ideal for low quantity advents. . You can print your own graphics both sides of the calendar and the outer is die-cut, glued and supplied flat. It is supplied with a polystyrene tray or cardboard fitments for you to insert your contents and insert into the outer and close. This can be used for any product that fits within the apertures – such as chocolates, wax melts, embroidery items.

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Production Processes:

Digitally or litho printed
Prints both sides
Foil blocking, embossing, uv varnish, laminated

Dimensions (flat size, finished size):

Finished Size: 292×33×400mm
Window size: 33×45×32mm

Other Information:

30 windows is standard – stock cutting forme held

Minimum order quantity – 25

Can be produced as bespoke item on larger quantities