The direct mail ideas site is generally to show a range of pop up mailers produced by us however we also produce an extensive range of bespoke packaging solutions and so we have shown a small range of these on this site. There is a much wider range of presentation and mailing boxes on our other sites "":www.cre... and "":www.p...

All our packaging is bespoke and is produced to your specific dimensions and using your design. We have a range of stock cutting formes for mailing boxes as well as producing custom sized boxes; all of them are produced with your own design.

There is no minimum order quantity or order value but as with any bespoke product the lower the quantity the higher the unit price. We also design and produce large quantities of packaging, where possible these are machine assembled but we also have the capability to bulk produce 100,000’s of boxes that are hand assembled.

We are often asked for rigid boxes like the iPhone box as that is a box a large number of people has seen and it has a luxury look and feel. We produce rigid boxes but they are at the higher end of the market and a lot of time a more simple and more cost effective box will work just as well.

The most popular style of presentation box we produce is a hinged lid presentation box followed closely by a lift off lid presentation box, for mailing and subscription boxes although other styles of box are available the 0427 (pizza style) box is the most popular

Mailing/subscription boxes are used to mail an item or items without any other additional packaging or they can be used to encase a presentation box to prevent it getting damaged in transit. These boxes can be as simple as a basic tuck in end carton or 0427 style (pizza) box; we can supply bespoke fitments to hold your items in place if required. These boxes can be printed or plain and are generally produced on either corrugated or Kraft boards as these materials are known for their strength.

Marketing, product launches or special editions. Create-This work with a vast number of materials, print and finishing options to match the customer’s specification, covering anything from high end presentation packaging to regular corrugated packs

We design and manufacture all styles of boxes on a daily basis. These boxes are used for a wide range of campaigns, trade promotions, product launches, promotional boxes, direct mail, special editions or product packaging. The presentation boxes can be supplied with no fitment, a board fitment or a foam fitment. If you are using a fitment to hold your product a board fitment is the most cost effective solution and can often be printed up with your presentation box at a minimal extra cost. Foam fitments can cost as much or more than the outer packaging you are producing.

A wide range of decorative finishes are also available, including foiling, lamination, varnishes and other specialist effects.

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