Two Part Disc Calculator
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Two Part Disc Calculator

The disc calculator is a well recognised useful tool as well as a great piece of direct mail. Simply turn the wheel to reveal information underneath. These are used to demonstrate technical information across a wide range of subjects. The useful information they convey makes them very interactive and a mailer that is kept. Mailed out in a paper envelope or could be as part of a promotional pack or a giveaway for sales reps to hand out.Can have more discs if required and can be a bespoke size.

Examples Ideas/uses : Medical, construction, finance, government information or for the motor industry, BMI calculator/weight loss or calculators for engineering.

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Production Processes:

Finishes – Digital or Litho printing, foil blocking, lamination, embossing, uv varnish
Outer – Usually sent out in a paper envelope

Dimensions (flat size, finished size):

Custom sizes available.

Other Information:

We have a wide range of existing products but will happily produce a bespoke direct mail piece to your design and size specifications. Manufactured in the UK, no minimum order quantity or order value. Mailing services are available