Pop Up Ball
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Pop Up Ball

The pop up ball is a popular promotional idea, it has 14 print faces giving you lots of message area perfect for displaying your graphics. The pop up ball brings a fun dimension to your mailer. As the pop up ball is sent out flat it is cost effective for distribution of your point of sale/mailers.This is a very tactile product, the recipient will just keep on playing with it and sharing it.

Examples Ideas/uses :The pop up ball or hex mailer is very popular with all kinds of marketers and designers as it has always been very effective. Some designers put a calendar on the 12 sides around the middle of the mailer.

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Production Processes:

Finishes – Litho printing, foil blocking, lamination, embossing, uv varnish
Available with – money slot or pen holes, die-cut character or features

Dimensions (flat size, finished size):

Hexagonal ball with board envelope – 125 × 110 × 78mm (165 × 153mm flat)
Octagonal ball with board envelope – 130 × 130 × 67mm (153 × 153mm flat)
Hexagonal character ball with board envelope – 125 × 110 × 78mm (165 × 153mm flat)

Other Information:

We have a wide range of existing products but will happily produce a bespoke direct mail piece to your design and size specifications. Manufactured in the UK, no minimum order quantity or order value. Mailing services are available