The flinger is a fun direct mail piece that when opened flings small shapes forward. The shapes are designed to fit your campaign and the mailer can be a bespoke size. This pop up mailer is often shared with others like a party trick, thus increasing your audience. The shapes could be product or any small items. This mailer allows designers to come up with creative ideas and create something unique that’s ideal for your target.

Example ideas/uses : A universal mailer that is often used for product launches, party or event invites or to create brand awareness, as this mailer grabs your attention when opened.

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Production Processes:

Print both sides of all components
Finishes – Litho printing, foil blocking, lamination, embossing, uv varnish
Available with – money slot or pen holes
Custom die-cut shapes

Dimensions (flat size, finished size):

Available in various sizes as this is a bespoke pop up mailer

Other Information:

We have a wide range of existing products but will happily produce a bespoke direct mail piece to your design and size specifications. Manufactured in the UK, no minimum order quantity or order value. Mailing services are available.